Medical Malpractice

Medical <strong>Malpractice</strong>

Medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. according to a study by Johns Hopkins. What is rarely addressed is that most claims never get reported or even investigated. It is common to have questions about whether to sue a physician, nurse or hospital following an adverse outcome, largely because patients do not expect to be harmed while under the care of a healthcare provider. Unfortunately, injuries and even death occur at the hands of the most experienced practitioners or in the most reputable facilities.

Under the law in the state of Florida, wrongful death is looked at differently in cases of medical malpractice versus a wrongful death caused by other types of personal injury. Florida law restricts who may bring a claim for the death of a family member and gives you a limited time to file. The attorneys and staff at LCTR have extensive experience investigating and pursuing such claims. Our attorneys have prosecuted and tried thousands of medical negligence lawsuits resulting in successful outcomes for our clients. We exercise tremendous sensitivity as we handle your case while you deal with the emotional and often financial distress of losing a loved one.

Contact LCTR for a free consultation to review every aspect of your case and determine how to proceed. We are sure you have questions regarding your circumstances and our team will help you better understand your rights under the law as it relates to your particular claim.

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Medical malpractice

Negligence in surgery and post operative care leading to death
Medical malpractice

Negligence in delivery of a child resulting in death of mother
Personal injury

Resident bit by water moccasin in Silver Shores Housing Development resulting in below the knee amputation
Personal injury

Permanent aggravation of preexisting rosacea as a result of MedSpa treatment
Medical malpractice

Failure to treat bowel obstruction which lead to sepsis and death
Medical malpractice

Negligence in performance of surgery of newborn resulting in death
Medical malpractice

Multiple physicians failed to diagnose esophageal tumor leading to death
Medical malpractice

IV infiltration resulting in compartment syndrome
Medical malpractice

Misdiagnosis of cervical CT resulting in paralysis
Medical malpractice

Failure to properly treat esophageal diverticulum resulting in esophagectomy
Medical malpractice

Failure to timely treat sepsis leading to amputation of all fingers and toes
Medical malpractice

Failure to treat aortic dissection resulting in death
Medical malpractice

Failure to treat aortic dissection resulting in death
Medical malpractice

Plaintiff died TWO hours after discharge from hospital
Medical malpractice

Failure to timely treat leg fracture resulting in compartment Syndrome
Medical malpractice

Bowel perforation during abdominal surgery
Medical malpractice

Plaintiff suffered partial paralysis of lower extremities
Medical malpractice

Patient died from complications after surgery
Medical malpractice

Failure to communicate abnormal blood results leading to death of patient

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